Who am I

When I was a kid, I hatted being an albino. You know, the child try to isolate what they think is different.

Over the years, I found that being slightly different to other was not a disadvantage. I started liking myself.

As more I liked myself, more other people liked me.

I started to hook up with girls. With really beautiful girls –I though they were outside my supply.

Long story short, I also had some success with my studies. And with my career. And in my social life.

Well, I’m William M. Booth.


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2 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. Hey Will!! Nice to see you online. My best wishes on your new “blog journey” :))
    You still have to work a little bit more here but, well, seems promising!! Nevertheless, here you have your first reader 🙂
    See you tomorrow mate!

    1. Thanks for your words Jenn. I promise you I will start writing more content and curating nice stuff 🙂
      See you tomorrow at work!

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